Yo, my braddah Goldi Gold is one of the most honest and selfish person I know next to my moms. Always helping me out on multiple levels. I appreciate him to the UTMOSTLY! For those who may not know, he is definitely a word smith. He will say some things that are profound. I mean quotes that can make you change the way you go about life. It’s the way he sees things, hence… “The Golden Rule”! Here is Rule number 82: “Everybody’s Suppose To Win Through What You Do!” Meaning, your artistic expression or life(expression) is a contribution to the world we live in. It should benefit your unique self as well as others. Good rule to add to ones intent! Now I must say, I wrote this down earlier today because it was a FANGSTA idea the braddah spoke when we was building. I put it together because he isn’t thinking about it. He’s just living his truth. I decided to share it. It speaks volumes in my perspective but think about it… if most people applied this idea, what would our communities look like? FANGSTA!!!