Freedome Friday’s

It’s been a while but we still here! FANGGGGGG!

A must see Documentary. I know the braddah Goldi Gold will love this joint! FANGGGGG!

– Cover Illustration by Corey Davis

Get your fix of the “Greedmont Park Magazine” Issue number 2. These grand cool people love to keep you informed as well as entertained. Music, Art, Politics and straight up Cool ish! FANGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Also, it’s not just an online mag. Be Aware that there are physical copies in the skreets! SPRAGGGGG!

– Here’s the LINK

This is one of those post where if you missed out on it throughout 201o… you can still catch up. “Mixing Monthly” is a monthly mix put together by Full Crate and FS Green. These brothers get busy too. PEEP:

Why are we doing this?

Everyone of us involved in this small project loves music and supports it in his very own way. Whether it’s by producing, dj’ing, talking, designing, writing, bloggin’ or something else. Both Full Crate & FS Green are producers who love to play music. Since there is so much music out there they like to select their favorites for you and yours on a monthly base and blend them in a lovely mix which is free to download because good music needs to be heard.

Deluge and Brian Elstak will be responsible for the artwork so you can print out this stuff and burn it baby. Your host of this Mixing Monthly project is Naldisney cause he still got the internet goin’ nutz.

Keep discovering music.
Support your local record stores

Every mix is free so just click on the covers after you click the link. FANGGGGGGG! And oh… here’s the link:


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