Hit It MAF!

Aiight my ppls this goes out as a reminder and to put on those who are unaware in the ATL. For the past 15 years or so I have been fixing Turntables, CDJs, Mixers, Speakers. Basically anything musically electronic. What started as a necessity and hobby for me has been keeping alot of gear alive in alot of ppls hands for reasonable pricing and fast turnarounds. For most of those 15 years I have been the main person that most if not all djs in Atlanta and most clubs or venues have come to and trust with their gear. I am the Dj’s Dr. per sey. I always strive to be knowledgeable and on point whether its scratchin, mixing or fixing decks and mixers. Now I have no problem with competition. I encourage it. It makes me a better tech and it gives people options (whether its a good option or not) Now what I don’t like is when my competition constantly tries to copy or better said BITE my style, steal business or clients and to top it off do shitty work that I in turn have to clean up after. Its bad business and it hurts the most important aspect of this all: the customers. My point is just to remind you and the rest of the community of what I do and how I do. Ive fixed, rebuilt, customized or refurbished thousands yes thousands of turntables. ImageI have made tutorial training DVD’s with world famous DJ Shortee http://www.shorteesdjseries.com/tuneup.htm I have taught students at the Bronx Dj Academy among other acclaimed academies and institutions. I have been booked at the Lollapalooza Festival as a stage tech fixing broken gear on the spot as needed as well as serving as a dj consultant. I have traveled to the northeast and most of the southeast to fix gear. I have worked for one of the most reputable shops in Atlanta. Shii I even helped to break down and set up Usher’s entire studio when it was flooded. I have very very reasonable prices since I have no overhead!! I have very fast turnaround since I am a dj myself I know the importance of having your gear back in time before a gig. I have fixed gear in the middle of a djs set!!  I even make mother loving house calls or fix gear on the spot at clubs and venues!!! Like Crazy Eddie says “ITS INSANE” Again this is not to bash any other techs or shops. Not meant to toot my own horn or brag. This is only a statement of facts to help people make wiser decisions when it comes to who is handling their gear and the options you as a customer have. My reputation super cedes me and like the reading rainbow “you don’t have to take my word for it” – One Customer referral: Rashuri Sajata says: “Hey Cap…..hit up Mafioso, about your RCA’s for your decks. He does good work and if he’s available, will hook you up quickly.”  That is one out of countless referrals I recieve daily. Now folks that says it all doesn’t it. Yet there are those who think I am just a dj or just this and that. There are also ppl in the city of Atlanta who don’t want you to know the truth either for their own benefit or for whatever other reasons. To my competitors especially those that I PERSONALLY trained: create your own lane and please stop biting what I do right down to my tags inside of decks. Its flattering but the utmost annoying. Distinguish yourself in other unique ways as it will benefit us all. So there you have it. Holla at yo muchacho if you need any work done big or small 24/7/365. If I cant handle it I know those who can and who you can trust.

770-314-8805 mafiloko@gmail.com

Las Night while dj’n I realized that no matter where I am, no matter who in the place, no matter what people will ever think of me Im a foreva be the rebel dj and play whateva the fugg I want when I want always and forever and you will like it or respect my ability to take that risk cause at the end of the day I am a PROFESSIONAL musical consultant…people come to me to be healed by my selections. I got my Masters Degree in this Dj game. I have worked very hard to build my confidence and my musical knowledge to the point of being very fluid in any style or genre and I am here now but I recognize I will never stop learning absorbing and growing from others.. But I am over qualified for any party or situation.. I speak in confidence and reflection not in ego or braggin rights….So to all my underlings coming up in the game all I can say is never be scurred to take that risk mane.. push the limits open the envelopes of every party.. you will only be dope if you can stand out from others .. study your craft and trust your abilities.. – Dr. Mafi-Lo-Ski!!!!! Chamblee’s finest, ATL’s Latin Soul Brotha Number One..

Look out for the new Jungle 45 Mixtape “Keep Your Eye on the 45” Look out for the Jax Tribute Mixtape coming in NOV and NOV 4th @ Cloud 9 in CastleBerry Hill we will be having a fiesta in tribute of my brother in Hip Hop Jax the Axe Handler.. Chris JFK Thurston to celebrate the life and times of our hermanito… NOV 4th will mark the 2 year anniversary of my mellow my man’s step into the hip hop heavens.. He proly chillin wit Pun and Scott La Rock right now bangin joints… So dont miss this one my peoples!!! Flyers and info coming.. im just amped and had to slip my tongue onthe subject..

if i could describe myself in one record it would have to be “Manteca” by Dizzy Gillespie. There are many versions and variations of this tune..and they all fresh .. Besides the vinyl I have I love this live rendition wit Arturo Sandoval..So.. which record are you?

The apple don’t fall to far from the tree. .. There are many sayings that  all mean the same thing.. There is a simple one that my father… Mi Papi.. Senor Fioso always said and as a matter of fact still says to this day that goes like this…. I can know you up and down not  because of who you are  or what I see you as, but rather i know you well by who you roll with and the company that you keep!! Priceless advice from those who know more than us..

But that very token.. that wisdom, was very evident tonight in a ruff patch of Atlanta… Very evident indeed. It’s 4:55a yall but im still riding a natural high brought forth by the vibes of tonights events and revelations.. I rocked the one and only stage of 595 North Ave (which used to be one of atl’s most infamous after hours spots back in the day)  tonight the venue that hosted Dj Kemits Bornday celebration, the Spread Love 1 year anniversary, and Dj Mafioso’s first ever attendance and dj debut at a Spread Love event!!! I can end the story right there but it only gets better…. Because thats not the cake!! The desert is that Binkis Recs was relevant and was rockin the same single stage on the same night..I was providing the sounds, flux on the murals and Spice on the visuals… We are part of the fabric of ATLANTA!!! I had on my JAX shirt and Najee was there in spirit so it was all complete.. Pics and audio will be up shortly.. but i warn you it was one of those joints that you just had to be there to know what im really sayn!!! Buford Hwy Binkis Bombers yall!! we get it it in one way or the other!!!

For the rest of yall he is know as Killa Kalm…Cause the burly black brother is so smooth that even when he murders you somehow you enjoy it!!! But this is the lesson in the joke.. Pay Attention as Dram would say…Those who surround you are there for a purpose ya heard!!! & this is how I prove it…. If it wasn’t for the big brotha Najee and myself being accidently heavy on the pause button I woulda neva known who Jabo Starks was in my lifetime.. So pay attention to your surroundings and fix your fudgin face as my man drama would say!!! Big up to those in the know!!!FISK FANG BOOM KAP YAHWERRRZ SOUTHSIDE DONT PLAY FUSK WIT MAF AND HE MIGHT SPRAY!!!

Dope video i stumbled upon.. these were the good ole days..

Jazz.. Man what a beautiful thing it is. See Jazz is like superb liquor such as a cognac or an old scotch. You have to have a refined palette to appreciate a fine drink, cigar or wine. Likewise you must have a refined ear to appreciate jazz and all its complexities. Its only now in my life that I can fully understand and embrace it. Jazz is like a perfect pairing. When I think of jazz, immediately I think of a Nas line where he tells chicks to take heed to the Thug thats Intelligent too. And thats how I hear Jazz to be. The grit in the jazz dances with the sophistication of the sound. Jazz is like poor people mingling with rich people it is black and white night and day all in one. Complex rythms infused with raw emotion and soul. It has a flow thats spontaneous and erratic similar to how our minds work. I can get lost in a Miles Davis record. It somehow helps my thoughts flow out and beyond. On a side note I have jazz records that ppl would pay 100s of dollars for.. I also have records that are not worth 1 penny.. But there is something magical in every scratch and pop of an old less than 1 penny record. Im not one of those… I have to have a record type cat or replacing damaged records is a nono in my book. Because the wear of the records have just as much a story to tell as the music on it. And if you scracth the record in the right place the loops of the song will reveal themselves before you almost magically.. In celebration of my new found love of Jazz i present to you:

Kool n the Gang’s Dujii – (who originally started as a jazz band called The Jazziacs)

Kool n the Gang – Dujii

This record inspired and spwaned into:

Gangstarr’s – Jazz Thing which was featured in Spikes Joint Mo Better Blues

Gangstarr – jazz thing

Enjoy Mi Gente Palante

This is bugged. I just found this.. The question is are there still people out there with the last name Binkis??? Things that make you go HMMMMM

Kazys Binkis
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kazys Binkis in 1920Kazys Binkis (1893 – 1942) – Lithuanian poet, journalist, and playwright. He used the pseudonyms K.Alijošius, K. Papilietis, Kazys, Kazys Roviejietis, Nedarbininkas, Neklaipėdietis, Nelatvis, Nepartyvis, Ras Desta, Riza Chanas and others.

1 Biography
2 Literary works
3 References
4 External sources


Kazys Binkis was born on November 4, 1893 in the village of Gudeliai in the district of Biržai. He attended the primary school at Papilys (finished it in 1908), studied at the Saulė (The Sun) courses for teachers and at Biržai progymnasium. In 1910 he entered school of agriculture in Voronec (near Švenčionys), but for the lack of funds moved to Vilnius in 1913 and began to prepare himself privately for maturity examinations. Since 1909 K.Binkis began to publish scenes in prose and verses in Viltis (The Hope), Vaivorykštė (The Rainbow), and Pirmasis baras (The First Field). In 1915 he graduated from the teachers’ courses of the Lithuanian Committee in Vilnius and became a teacher at Papilys. In 1918 Binkis was elected a chairman of the Biržai District Council. In 1919 he was appointed a secretary of editorial board of the journal Liepsna (The Flame) in Vilnius. In the same year he moved to Kaunas. There he worked at the press bureau, volunteered to the Geležinis Vilkas (The Iron Wolf) regiment and participated in concerts. In 1920-1923 he studied, with interruptions, literature and philosophy at Berlin University. At the same time he took part in the literary movement Keturi vėjai (The Four Winds), being the leader of the budding Lithuanian futurism (1922-1928).[1]



Memorable interview at the A3C this past year, We rocked every A3C that ever went down.. and with the power of GOD and Jax we will continue the tradition.. Cats are really payn attention to the Bink right now and it feels good and bad but anyways this is the last interview we all shared together and the good brothers at undergroundhiphop.com got it on tape peep game …JAX4EverLives!!!

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