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Jazz.. Man what a beautiful thing it is. See Jazz is like superb liquor such as a cognac or an old scotch. You have to have a refined palette to appreciate a fine drink, cigar or wine. Likewise you must have a refined ear to appreciate jazz and all its complexities. Its only now in my life that I can fully understand and embrace it. Jazz is like a perfect pairing. When I think of jazz, immediately I think of a Nas line where he tells chicks to take heed to the Thug thats Intelligent too. And thats how I hear Jazz to be. The grit in the jazz dances with the sophistication of the sound. Jazz is like poor people mingling with rich people it is black and white night and day all in one. Complex rythms infused with raw emotion and soul. It has a flow thats spontaneous and erratic similar to how our minds work. I can get lost in a Miles Davis record. It somehow helps my thoughts flow out and beyond. On a side note I have jazz records that ppl would pay 100s of dollars for.. I also have records that are not worth 1 penny.. But there is something magical in every scratch and pop of an old less than 1 penny record. Im not one of those… I have to have a record type cat or replacing damaged records is a nono in my book. Because the wear of the records have just as much a story to tell as the music on it. And if you scracth the record in the right place the loops of the song will reveal themselves before you almost magically.. In celebration of my new found love of Jazz i present to you:

Kool n the Gang’s Dujii – (who originally started as a jazz band called The Jazziacs)

Kool n the Gang – Dujii

This record inspired and spwaned into:

Gangstarr’s – Jazz Thing which was featured in Spikes Joint Mo Better Blues

Gangstarr – jazz thing

Enjoy Mi Gente Palante

This is bugged. I just found this.. The question is are there still people out there with the last name Binkis??? Things that make you go HMMMMM

Kazys Binkis
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kazys Binkis in 1920Kazys Binkis (1893 – 1942) – Lithuanian poet, journalist, and playwright. He used the pseudonyms K.Alijošius, K. Papilietis, Kazys, Kazys Roviejietis, Nedarbininkas, Neklaipėdietis, Nelatvis, Nepartyvis, Ras Desta, Riza Chanas and others.

1 Biography
2 Literary works
3 References
4 External sources


Kazys Binkis was born on November 4, 1893 in the village of Gudeliai in the district of Biržai. He attended the primary school at Papilys (finished it in 1908), studied at the Saulė (The Sun) courses for teachers and at Biržai progymnasium. In 1910 he entered school of agriculture in Voronec (near Švenčionys), but for the lack of funds moved to Vilnius in 1913 and began to prepare himself privately for maturity examinations. Since 1909 K.Binkis began to publish scenes in prose and verses in Viltis (The Hope), Vaivorykštė (The Rainbow), and Pirmasis baras (The First Field). In 1915 he graduated from the teachers’ courses of the Lithuanian Committee in Vilnius and became a teacher at Papilys. In 1918 Binkis was elected a chairman of the Biržai District Council. In 1919 he was appointed a secretary of editorial board of the journal Liepsna (The Flame) in Vilnius. In the same year he moved to Kaunas. There he worked at the press bureau, volunteered to the Geležinis Vilkas (The Iron Wolf) regiment and participated in concerts. In 1920-1923 he studied, with interruptions, literature and philosophy at Berlin University. At the same time he took part in the literary movement Keturi vėjai (The Four Winds), being the leader of the budding Lithuanian futurism (1922-1928).[1]



Memorable interview at the A3C this past year, We rocked every A3C that ever went down.. and with the power of GOD and Jax we will continue the tradition.. Cats are really payn attention to the Bink right now and it feels good and bad but anyways this is the last interview we all shared together and the good brothers at undergroundhiphop.com got it on tape peep game …JAX4EverLives!!!

Click This Link:


(Pics provided by UndergroundHiphop.com)

How Ironic.. This is a classic .. chillin in the lab the brother just sparked this crazy idea for the picture one day.. How and why there was pitchfork in the studio I dont know..Its crazy cause Im bout to move from my crib (binkis lab) and the only thing that I feel like im leaving behind are these dope moments that me and all of Bink shared and will continue to share throughout all these years!! to many more familia!!! Holla at yo muchacho..

PS: Peep out Spice is NIce and Marcel aka Black Daniels.. aka Dark Barker buggin out in the crowd at the end of the video..

This heater!!! Correct Packaging coming soon but the Binkis Blog gets the first taste.. Please DONT COPY and PASTE and PLEASE DONT POST ON ANY OTHER SITES!!! This will be up for a couple weeks till the cd is done.. This might very well turn into a duo combo cd with Dj Jamad called AFRO LATIN MENTALZ.. we been talking it up for 2-3yrs and now its coming to fruition.. RIP JFK

Might want to wait till all the bugs are ironed out.. (april -jun 09) but this is where Digi is going..

-Pro Tool Pimpin Pete

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We had a crazzy affinity for our hometown.. Maybe it was cause we was trying to be closer to home maybe it was cause we missed home… BUT One thing about my Binkis familia (Killa included even though he from Chi-town) they gave me back what made sense for me while livin in the ATL.. which was for me NYC itself, HIP HOP, Black n Brown love, and the key to our existence which is that life shoud be FUN cold chillin type fun…………..SON….

Living in Ga… even though I came down here as a shorty I always kept and repped that NY Sh&%T close to my heart… Cats still bugout NOW that I have a NY accent cause afta all these years we all shoulda been soundin cuntry by now, right??.. (flux said its been just about 14 yrs for them here int he ATL and i been here over 20man)…….But Binkis just always brought me home in GA man.. when i finally got my own crib and I didnt have to kik out Jax out my mamas house cause we was raising a ruckus playing that rap music, them cats Jax and FLUX made me feel like I was on Junction Blvd everytime we hung out when in actuality we was really on Buford Hwy… We all had the general understanding that we was from queens but it wasnt until recently thru casual convo that Jax revealed to me that he went to early school in corona.where i was born and halfly raised…. Louis Armstrong to be exact.. which means we brushed shoulders in NY before ATL w/o a clue what fate had in store… .. but anywho.. Chillen with them cats within four walls with two turntables a mic and some early pro tools was always magical.. they xxxxxxx actually OUR first album “the Reign begins” is literally a keypoint on my REAL resume .. Real RESUME….. as in getting a real job… with the bullets and all.. Cause I learned and gained so much real life experience. Experience about Jax, Flux, KK, Hip Hop, Audio Engineering and simply being a friend and positive force in this existence…

Me and Jax had alot of records that we both liked… As well as records we would totally disagree with … and although this song and video (im embedding) is one we both favored and highly regarded from a fellow Queens King… I never thought I would be playing it(whether on youtube or on wax) in memory of my dear friend!!!! Queens all day But in ATL we continue to hustle and play…

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