Song of the Week

MAMA FEELGOOD!! It’s finally here peoples. Jungle 45 got it poppin live in the concrete jungle. This Saturday we shot “The Dopest Baby Mama” Taj Jackson for a day in The Life(Steadymobbbin). Constently on her grizzly. Children, Husband, work, a catering co… A lot of things going on here. Not to mention a photo shoot for Jungle 45 shot by one of Charlottes finest photographers… Jasiatic( This was also documented by Elisha Covington(Homegirls&HandGrenades) and Jungle 45’s own Goldi Gold(Junglejem45). Knocked it out and Walah… it’s here for you to get put on to! HAAAAA!!! Shout to everybody involved as well as all the mamas out there doing their thing. FANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

One of my Favorite Cappadonna joints. Never seen the Video. Good Message!

C.O.D(Cash On Delivery)! We did our part! HAAAAAAA! Yo, Pocket and Count Bass D has been in the Lab Crazy. These are some joints! FANGGG!

So Ambitious” – Feat. Pocket

You Gotta Have Soul” – Feat. Fluxwonda and H2o

Open Up” – Feat. Senor Kaos

This is a classic Vertigo Song for all that know.ZINGGGGGGGG!!!! For all that do not… “Vertigo” is a Group featured on the BINKIS Records Label consisting of Killa Kalm, Terra Touch and the Crow. Originally from the N.E.B.L.O.S. System(Hip-Hop Crew that helped birth Binkis) along with others(Talismen and Black Hole) in the mid to late 90’s created their own style of Hip-Hop that hasn’t been duplicated till this day. By way of Chicago, Boston, Houston and Birmingham, the trio perfected  their skillz and decided to put out the album “The Essentials” at the turn of the century on the Binkis platform. After the group disbanded(musically), Killa Kalm became the third member of the group “Binkis Recs” which was named officially after his addition.

So, with all that being said… This is one of the leading cuts of “The Essentials” album. The song is “Live and Direct” and until further notice… the only way you can get this song or the album for that matter check Itunes or something else. HAAAAA!!! So check this out… Goldi Gold hooked up this fly video for the joint. Appreciate brah! Definitely FLY!!! FANGGGGGGGGGG! Enjoy peoples!

 nichole-willis.jpgYou want to talk about soul? This joint got it poppin in the streets. HAAAA! Word up! At first look… I didn’t know if i was old or new because the design work accomplished what it was suppose to. Top to bottom, I’m telling you… Mannn, I’m not going to give a full review. Matter of fact, all I’m gon say is it’s BANGIN and check it out! FANGGGGG! Clip PLEASE: