Video of the Week

This looks like a FRESH Documentary. My moms sent me this joint yesterday. Will definitely check it out. We heard about these feelings or experienced them in some form but some people still may not get it. Bill Duke get respect for presenting it and the creator gets Nuff Respect for creating it. FANGGGGGGG! Be on the look out!

I still love her though. HAAA!

My man Bprice did a fly job with part2 of this saga with the visuals and boog Brown of course rip the track to shreds with the drama filled story

joystick free, hahahahaha

When i was younger it was all about some Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers.. When I got older it was He Man and Gi Joe.. When i hit 20-21 then it was all about The Real World.. As much as we hate to admit it and as much as we know the dangers of the device called the television that was invented merely for the purpose of distraction and deceit; hot damn we be watching some damn tv dont we… awwe man i dont even need cable these days man i got youtube… damn near replaced the dvd but it always falls short.. WE watch tv cause as long as we been watching they (no not the white man .. im not like that .. THEY as in those who produce television) have become very savvy in producing things that attract us.. Especially since the advent of Reality TV shows.. cmon.. anybody that watches tv knows that the whole game changed when they came out with COPS.. that shit was too real… and we wanted more of the real just like blue magic back in Harlem.. so the whole game swtiches and now they (writers, producers,etc) are tapping into all our micro lives to seep out great entertainment.. and we know it too we just keep watching.. nothing bad about that.. there just needs to be balance.. (the same thought could be applied to hip hop..we just need balance)  OK.. so wit the best shows not even on TV its getting harder and harder to watch some good isht.. and lord knows what I went thru to see all the epsiodes of The Wire without no HBO coming to my house.. So now i gotta new favorite show.. its called WEEDS.. now for those that know me stop jumping to conclusions that the only reason why i like it is cause it gots somethin to do with refer.. no it actually tells a good story very wittingly and the actors are actually dope (no pun) the plot is intense and funny.. the synopsis is there is this fine lady a mother of 2 whos husband dies and she dont know ish about ish cause she been a housewife.. so she decided she is going to start sellin that goodness and the show all rolls out of there.. and let me tall ya its a trip and a half.. trust me i havent seen a joint in like 5 months.. its on its 3rd season and even snoop makes an appearance.. oh and the bomb weed is called MILF… hahahahahahaaaaa

gotta watch this man,,,,

Since I’m heavy on the the subject of food this week(only 2 days left on my fast), My ace boon kill a coon Goldie Gold sent me this video of Coolio cookin. Yes, that’s right! Coolio cooks. He got his own cooking show. HAAAAA! That shit is straight hood too, for all you baby mommas and baby favers out there. My man is puttin it down. Oh… It’s true! Seasonin and technique. HAA. And his assistant is official. Rub your eyes to make sure you seein what you seein cause we bringin it live in your face! FISKKKKK! Click what you just read!