This is a new section I’m starting called “Old Sayings that Still Relate”. Some things in this society rarely change and if so… not for everybody. Ever since I started to discover music on my own in the mid 90’s, I’ve have come upon plenty older music from groups that no longer exist as such that expressed my feelings of today. Most of them from the 60’s and 70’s before I was physically birthed yet I still connected ┬ábecause of the subjects talked about. With out knowing, a person may feel that the concepts are new in which they are not. I’ve found myself playing these songs instead of what’s current from time to time because I relate to the expression more.

So basically, I’ll post songs of old or current that a person the age of 68 can relate to as well as a person the age of 20. Not so much about Love because that is a given. More about growth, government, human interaction. Hope you enjoy. It just popped in my head today. HAAAAAA!

First up: Billy Paul – Let the Dollar Circulate

“Everybody want it but don’t wanna give it up! Scared Money don’t make non! HAAAAAA!”

Damn near 40 years later Dilla and Spacek thought the same!