It’s that Time of Year… JAX WEEK!!! This is the time we celebrate the life and expressions of my braddah JAX, Jaxer, 10.1.24, Jax McKracken, Belly Savalas, Low Ceaser Ebenezer, The Dead Lefty and many more! HAAAAA! For those that don’t know, Jax transitioned Nov. 4th(Election Day) 2008 while performing on stage. It was later found that the cause was hypertension and an enlarged heart. Loved by many, Jax was a pace setter in the Atl underexposed Hip-Hop. As Ceo and Co-founder of Binkis Recs(Records), Jax and Binkis presented a unique sound as well as stage show to compliment it which still remains a sight to witness. Till this date, Binkis has never performed the same show twice. Thus, every Binkis show has been different over the last 12 years. Jax has released 5albums under the Binkis Brand since 1999 and has worked with numerous Producers, Mcees and Djs from America to the Japan. With an extensive track record and recording time, Jax dubbed himself “Jax the Catalog”. If you want more info on Jax, you can search around this blog or just google him to get more familiar.

This Saturday, we are celebrating my braddah Jax’s Bornday(March 15th) with our annual BINKIS BBQ! Those who know… KNOW! Come out to rock with us and have a good time. We always set it out but this time we are asking people to bring a dish, meat, alcohol, lawn chairs, etc. Always good to have more. All info is on the flyer. READ PLEASE!!!! HAAAAAA! Jax Week baby, let’s get it in. FOOOSHHHHHHHHHH!