A duo in which I had the pleasure of seeing put some fly music together. These braddahs are on the cusp of an ever growing career for each. They continue to get better as we all should. I’m proud of the combination and all that bullish music that’s out there… beware. Better start bringing some substance to the forefront. Word to god! HAAAA! FANGGGGG! The mix cd is called “The Offering” and is hosted and mixed by Atl own and world renown Dj Kemit! It’s a free download so get it whilst you can! FANGSTA!

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Well It’s been a loooooooooooong time but we still here! FANGGG, FANGGGGGGGGGGG! It’s “Soulful Sunday’s people and we are celebrating live! Tonight is the 6th Anniversary of “Spread Love” and Binkis’s own “Atl’s Latin Soul Brother” Dj Mafioso is spinning along with Dj Kemit (of course), Dj Ausar and Dj Salah Ananse.

Just so you have a little more info about “Spread Love”… PEEP!

Experience Spread Love

Back in 2006, the first official SPREAD LOVE was a birthday celebration for DJ KEMIT!!! It felt like the entire city squeezed into The Royal that night!!

So the following year SPREAD LOVE moved to SUGARHILL and we still didn’t have enough space to hold the crowd, the beautiful energy and incredible mix of music – everything from Soul Classics, to Latin Funk, to Afrobeat and Soulful House! When SPREAD LOVE became a monthly event, we made our way to East Atlanta and held it down at CENCI.

Since then we’ve grown at 595 North for several years, and you’ve been there with us every step of the way! As we look ahead to another season of great events, we hope you’ll continue to show your LOVE for GREAT SOULFUL MUSIC from all over the globe!

Go where the music takes you!

Spread Love, ya’ll!!