July 2010

It’s going down tonight peoples over at EastSide Lounge. FANGGGGGGGGGG!! It’s been a minute since you have seen the Binkis Boys Kill ish so those who never witnessed… Bring your self! HAAAAA!

– INFO –

“Join The 16 Bars Hip Hop Orchestra (Atlanta’s ONLY Classic HIP HOP TRIBUTE BAND) , Binkis Recs and Rock Most as we welcome Philly based hip hop artist Hezekiah to the ATL for what is sure to be an amazing show! Hezekiah is currently promoting his new release “Concious Porn” which features songs with Talib Kweli, Bahama, Cody Chestnut, Raheem Devaughn and more! this is a show you don’t wanna miss! “

It’s going down tonight y’all. Legendary Producer/MC Diamond D will be Performing tonight with some of Atl’s very own stage masters Stanza, Dillion, Senor Kaos, The Five and Collective Efforts. $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Show starts at 10pm so be there.


64 3rd st.

Atlanta, ga 303o8


Check out this Article over at INFX.com. Check it on out! FANGGGGGG!!

– Article hereĀ INFX.com

As if you didn’t know…

Come out and enjoy with us tonight at the “License To Ill” Art Show. It’s going to be held at Studio 900(off of Dekalb Ave.). You got a lot of fly artists presenting their work from yours truely(HA) to Goldi Gold, Mister Soul, Dub, Miya and many more! So roll on out. It’s a free event. This sounds like a damn Car dealership commercial! HAAAAAAAA! Check us out! FANGGGGGGGG!!

That’s right! It’s my bornday and I’m setting things off with a shout to myself! HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! FANG, FANG!!!! On the real, I’m thankful for all my family, friends, ancestors, associates, supporters, doubters and all. If it wasn’t for the all of you… How else would I grow? Maybe by a whole set of other people but I love my people. Shout to BINKIS RECS and everybody affiliated. R.I.P. to my brother Jax and to my Father. I’m gonna enjoy the day and reflect a little. Roam, Celebrate buy myself something… I’m just floatin’. But what I do want to do is bless you all with the “Don’t Mean A Thing” Video. We premiered it Tuesday night and it was DOPE!! A lot of people came through and the support was FANGTASTIC! Studio 8 do a freakin’ SPRAGGGGGGGG of a job! HAAAAA! So without further ado… Beat Studies + Binkis Recs + Studio * presents: DON’t MEAN A THING!

Oh and shout to my brother Goldi Gold man. This dude has been lookin out for his young homie for a long time. Peep that Art work he did for me! FANGGGGGG!